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Addie - USA Champion (ATMA) Himalaya’s Adagio (black and tan)
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DOB: 18/12/1995
Sire: Loyal Rak Pa Ni A Soechavati
Dam: Shang-Hai’s Padma Sabrina

Addie was the first TM we imported and became our first TM family member. Inquisitive, fun loving and affectionate, Addie is a firm favourite with the family and is devoted to us all. It is a delight to have her expressing her pleasure in us in her grumbling, rumbling vocabulary. Often Addie will approach us quietly and gently bump us on the leg, just to let us know she is there, before going to her vantage point to supervise family traffic.

From the outset, Addie found that spot in the house which allowed her maximum view of the goings-on around her. Having little experience of children and none of cats, Addie accepted both instantly. She quickly recognized the pat and snack potential offered by the children and the cats feed bowl. Our cat often curls up on top of Addie for warmth in the winter. When the cat had kittens, Addie kitten-sat while the cat was outside, even toileting the kittens lovingly.

It is a breed trait that TM’s are aloof with strangers. We are sure Addie would be aloof with strangers, but she is yet to find anyone she thinks is “strange”. Addie is a natural at her task with Visiting Pets as Therapy and a firm favourite with those we visit. She has a knack of knowing who wants a kiss and who would prefer to have her sit quietly while they pat her.

Addie is the personification of maternal care, having raised three litters (see Our Dogs) with extraordinary devotion. Her maternal zeal extends to our children and any young visitors, in fact any young animals we happen to have around. At training or out and about, any puppies and young dogs she meets have their personal hygiene checked and get a reassuring nuzzle.

Addie’s favourite things would be crunchy pig’s ears and puppies, particularly her own. I have tried to think of something she doesn’t like. The only thing I can think of is that she dislikes us growling at her. She always tries to turn this into a play session, which makes it very difficult to be cross with her.
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